Residential - Customs Homes

The Canada' Home designed in 2010 in a highly structured and planned community in Cupertino, California.  Five (5) bedroom two (2) story dwelling with 4,655 S/F with an attached three (3) car garage.

The Mason Home designed in 2009 in Milpitas, California.  Four (4) bedroom two (2) story dwelling 4,231 S/F with a three (3) car garage.

The Finney Estate was designed and built in 2012.  This structure was designed entirely of light gauge steel and was used to frame the structure in lieu of wood framing.   The only wood used in the dwelling was the exterior shear for the seismic design and the subfloors.  It was the client's design requirement to make the dwelling look as if the dwelling had been there for many years with several room additions added over the years.  


BDS received two (2) design awards for the light gauge steel constuction in residential housing.